Rheinberg: Solvay - Rarely On It, Usually In It!

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At its site in Rheinberg, Solvay produces Bicar and soda ash products essential in everyday life. Bicar, for example, enables efficient flue gas treatment and is indispensable in animal nutrition, in blood dialysis and in the food sector. Soda ash is required in large quantities for glass production and washing powder is unthinkable without soda ash.

Solvay also operates the Rheinberg Industrial Park, where companies such as INOVYN, IMERYS, Kemira and Praxair manufacture in facilities that originated from previous Solvay activities. Among other products, PVC for stadium roofs, ferric chloride for water treatment and precipitated calcium carbonate for paints and coatings are all produced here.

Products from Rheinberg will continue to accompany us in all areas of our daily life in the future.